The Performance of July 2013 NLE takers in Relation to Personality-based Psycho-Emotion Interventions




older adult, senior citizen, Filipino family, life satisfaction, emotional intelligence, spirituality, religion


The Nurse Licensure Examination (NLE) is the process of regulating the practice of nursing in the Philippines. Students who graduate from the nursing course need to take the NLE to practice the nursing profession. This study aimed to look into the performance of University of Bohol College of Nursing - July 2013 NLE-Takers in relation to the psycho-emotional intervention as a possible contributing factor to a personality-based approach. An interrupted time-series quasi-experimental research design was used in the study. A total of 89 graduates from the University of Bohol College of Nursing who enrolled at Powerhouse Training and Review Center and took the Nursing board examinations were included in the study. Four groups were purposely created according to the subject’s personality type utilizing Hartman’s Personality Profile aided by a standardized tool developed from a previous study. The performance of the subjects was measured through three (3) Time Series, namely: Pre-board 1, Pre-board 2, and NLE. Results showed that there was a significant relationship between personality-based psycho-emotional interventions and the overall performance of the subjects according to their personality. A significant difference was obtained when one exam (Pre-board 2) received psycho-emotional intervention while the other (Pre-board 1) did not. Findings were also consistent that when both exams (pre-board 2 and NLE) received psycho-emotional interventions, there was a slight difference but were not related to the intervention done according to personality.


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