Health Practices and Prevention of Covid-19 In San Antonio, Duero, Bohol




Health Practices, Lifestyle, Preventive Measures, Quantitative Design, Bohol, Philippines


Health practices refer to individuals’ role in maintaining health and preventing diseases (Weldekidan, 2022).  The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the community, affecting people’s lives and health. Adhering to health practices imposed by the Department of Health is vital to prevent the spread of the virus. This study utilized the descriptive quantitative research design aided by a self-made questionnaire. The tool was subjected to Cronbach’s Alpha test, obtaining a result of 0.765 for the Lifestyle and 0.826 for the preventive measure. The instrument was distributed via an online platform to one hundred randomly selected residents of San Antonio, Duero, Bohol, from 18 years old and above, to determine their health practices used in preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection. Results revealed that the majority of the respondents had “Very good health practices” in terms of preventive measures; and had” good health practices” in terms of Lifestyle. Data was further subjected to the Spearman rho test and chi-square test and revealed a significant relationship between the Age and level of health practices; and between purok where the respondents live and the level of health practices.


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