Factors Motivating Boholano Nurses to Work Abroad College of Nursing Students in the School Year, 2018-2019





Nursing Care, Motivating Factors, Quantitative Research, Spearman Rho, Chi-Square, Bohol, Philippines


Every year, almost 19,000 nurses leave the country, according to the Philippine Employment Agency to work abroad. This study aims to discover the different factors that motivate Boholano Nurses to work Abroad in terms of Economic Factors, Job-related Factors, Socio-political Environment Factors, and Personal/Family-related Factors based on the Push and Pull Theory of Motivation by Everett Lee. A descriptive quantitative approach utilizing a random sampling method was used, and the study was conducted in Bohol, Philippines, through an online platform Google Forms. Statistical treatment includes percentage, frequency, weighted mean, Spearman rank, correlation, and chi-square. A total of 36 BSN Graduates of the University of Bohol in the school year 2018 -2019, with a 95% confidence interval and a margin of error of 5%, a sample size of 33 is randomly selected. Privacy, confidentiality, and voluntary consent were observed during data gathering. Results showed that the top two motivational factors are economic factors, followed by job-related factors. The bottom two factors are socio-political factors and personal/family-related factors. The study revealed that Boholano Nurses are overall highly motivated to work abroad, with Economic factors as their greatest motivation, mainly due to the high salary increments and retirement benefits employers outside the country offer. It also concludes that no significant relationship exists between profile and motivational factors.


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