Citizen Service Quality Standard: Its Levels of Implementation and Satisfaction as Perceived by Clients, Deped-Tagbilaran City




Quality Management System (QMS), Frontline Service, Citizen's Charter, Quantitative-Descriptive-Correlational Method, Spearman's rho Test, Mann-Whitney U Test DepEd-Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines


Service Quality Standards (SQSs) mean the level of management and organization service unit requirements. The study investigated the Department of Education (DepEd) Tagbilaran City Division frontline services. The study is descriptive-comparative in gathering data through modified tools to measure the levels of implementation, satisfaction, and problems encountered by internal and external DepEd stakeholders in its service transactions. With the overall number of 956, a sample size of 536 was randomly selected (2.81% margin of error at 95% confidence interval). It used Spearman Rank Chi-Square, Mann Whitney Test, and Kruskal Wallis. The Chi-Square test results revealed that an association exists between the position of respondents (X2 (14) =24.396, p<0.05) and the classification of respondents (X2 (2) = 10.568, p<0.05) with their level of satisfaction. The Spearman Rank test showed a significant positive correlation between implementation and satisfaction (rs (534) =0.657, p<0.05). The Mann-Whitney test results revealed that internal stakeholders (Mdn = 3.25) have higher satisfaction as compared to external stakeholders (Mdn = 3.00), U (267,269) = 31380.500, z = -2.532, p<0.05. Although it fully implemented its service quality standard, it falls short in some service domains in that clients were moderately satisfied with their frontline services.


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