Social Support in Relation to Self-Management Behaviors Among Diabetic Individuals of Poblacion II, Tagbilaran City, Bohol


  • Richelle Grace Muring JHS Faculty
  • Emma Sapphire F. Duroy University of Bohol
  • Dawn Suzette. A. Apor University of Bohol
  • Jana Zin Mae O. Torrefranca University of Bohol
  • Fritz P. Inson University of Bohol
  • Nadith M. Edel University of Bohol
  • Christine Xyrill O. Aresgado University of Bohol
  • Joyrealou D. Muring University of Bohol
  • Xenita Vera P. Oracion College of Nursing - University of Bohol
  • Lalaine L. Domapias University of Bohol



Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Social Support, Self-Management, Blood Glucose Monitoring, Foot Care, Smoking, Quantitative-Correlational Method, Chi-Square Test, Spearman Rho, Tagbilaran City, Philippines, Asia


This study delves into the relationship between social support and self-management behaviors among diabetic individuals in Poblacion II, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Employing a descriptive correlational survey design and a stratified sampling method, 48 respondents were selected, revealing that a majority were middle to older adults, married, and residing below the official poverty threshold. Hypertension emerged as the predominant comorbidity, affecting 75% of respondents. Examining social support dimensions, the study found a moderate level across most aspects, except for smoking, which displayed lower support. Remarkably, the overall self-management level among respondents was very good. Significant relationships were identified between social support and self-management practices, particularly concerning Alcoholism/Drug Addiction, Obesity, and Stroke. The study rejects the null hypothesis, establishing a significant correlation (p-value – 0.001) between social support and diabetes self-management practices. Recommendations include tailored assessments considering comorbidities, emphasizing newly adopted practices, and implementing targeted programs like teleconsultations and a "buddy system" for specific demographics. This research contributes valuable insights for healthcare professionals and policymakers, urging a holistic approach to diabetes management that integrates social support dynamics.


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Author Biographies

Richelle Grace Muring, JHS Faculty

University of Bohol

Xenita Vera P. Oracion, College of Nursing - University of Bohol

Tagbilaran City, Philippines  


Bandura, A. (1989). Social cognitive theory. In R. Vasta (Ed.), Annals of child development. Six theories of child development, (6), (pp. 1-60). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.







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