Knowledge, Attitudes, And Practices on the Use of social media for Academic Requirements Among Nursing Students of the University of Bohol




Social Media Use, Nursing Students, Knowledge, Attitudes, Practices, Quantitative-Descriptive Correlational Method, Tagbilaran, Philippines


The adaptation towards online learning raised questions on how nursing students use social media with their academic requirements. To ensure safety as they partake in online classes, the researchers conducted descriptive quantitative research to determine the level of Knowledge, attitudes, and practices toward social media use among nursing students at the University of Bohol (UB). A sample of 200 nursing students currently enrolled in the nursing program from levels 1 to 4 of the school year 2020-2021 was selected through random sampling. Questionnaires and consent forms were administered online. The study underwent an ethics review by the UB-Research Ethics Committee. The findings inferred that most respondents are highly knowledgeable about social media, had a moderately positive attitude towards social media use, and frequently practice it to complete their academic requirements. Findings revealed a significant relationship between the respondents’ Knowledge and attitude, Knowledge and practices, and attitudes and practices. A conclusion was drawn that the respondent’s level of Knowledge and attitudes, their level of Knowledge and practices, and their attitudes and practices were significantly correlated, respectively.


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